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Ik vind het belangrijk om te doen wat ik zeg en te zeggen wat ik doe! Wat wij belangrijk vinden. Professionals die hun bedrijf of organisatie verder willen ontwikkelen, of actuele vragen in bouwprojecten willen aanpakken, kunnen terecht bij Balance Result.
Meaning of result in Dutch english dictionary Betekenis van result in het Engels Nederlands woordenboek 1.
noun: consequence, effect, outcome, event, issue, upshot, phenomenon; noun: solution, answer, resolution, solvent, statement; noun: resultant, final result, outcome, termination, ending, conclusion, finish; noun: resultant role, semantic role, participant role; verb: ensue, prove, turn out, turn up; verb: leave, lead, bring about.
result Dutch translation Linguee.
Contamination by germs, infection or an allergic reaction, if this contamination, infection or reaction is a di re c t result o f a n involuntary fall into the water or any other substance, or if it is t h e result o f e ntering that water or other substance in an attempt to save a person, animal or property.
Football Results Sky Sports.
Huddersfield Town 1 1 1500: Luton Town FT. Norwich City 1 0 1500: Swansea City FT. Nottingham Forest 2 0 1500: Wycombe Wanderers FT. Rotherham United 2 1 1500: Preston North End FT. Sheffield Wednesday 0 0 1500: Millwall FT.
Verstappen disappointed" with Eifel GP F1 qualifying result.
Hamilton and Wolff not" finished" with F1 despite speculation. Verstappen disappointed" with Eifel GP qualifying result. Horner: Verstappen's' F1 tyre failure totally" instantaneous." Hamilton and Wolff not" finished" with F1 despite speculation. Hamilton: No guarantee I'll' be racing in F1 next year.
may result in minor or moderate injury Nederlandse vertaling Linguee woordenboek.
Caution statements are used to indicate actions that may result in damage to the printer or other prope rt y, or may result in r i sk o f minor p e rson a l injury. Opmerkingen voorafgegaan door Let op wijzen op handelingen die kunnen leiden tot beschadiging van de printer of andere materiƫle schade, of gevaar voor gering lichamelijk letsel tot gevolg kunnen hebben.
A comprehensive selection of dynamic outerwear for uniform, corporate or individual wear which delivers outstanding value for money; RESULT is the garment decorators stock brand of choice. The activewear division of RESULT, SPIRO provides dynamic garments with a co-ordinated concept board to help complete a team or individual fitness look.
Mountain Bike Results Union Cycliste Internationale UCI.
X Learn more about the UCI World Cycling Centre. UCI Mountain Bike World Championships presented by Mercedes-Benz. UCI Mountain Bike Marathon World Championships. UCI 4X World Championships presented by Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup.

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