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SiteImprove CARE.
Door een koppeling te leggen tussen het CMS en Siteimprove ontstaan er 2 handige integraties.: In het Sitebox CMS zie je direct hoe je content er in Siteimprove voor staat en kun je direct bij het werken aan content controles uitvoeren met Siteimprove.
Siteimprove at UW Accessible Technology.
UW users can get FREE help with Siteimprove by contacting Anna Marie Golden. Help is also available from the UW Siteimprove community via the Siteimprove Users Group list. This is a private list for current UW Siteimprove users only. Siteimprove Accessibility Checker.
Siteimprove Accessibility University of Alaska Anchorage.
Siteimprove is a suite the University of Alaska uses to improve accessibility around the campus websites to meet WCAG standards. Meeting these standards is important in order to optimize the experience for various users, including those with disabilities. If you are new to Siteimprove, follow our accessibility tutorial and/or quality assurance tutorial to get started.
The seamless integration between Siteimprove and Sitecore streamlines workflow efficiencies for your web team. With the Siteimprove Connector for Sitecore, your team can fix errors and optimize content directly within the editing environment. Once the detected issues have been assessed, you can re-check the relevant page in real-time and assess if further actions are needed.
Boost your digital experiences with Siteimprove Enonic. Enonic. Enonic Market. Enonic Discuss. Enonic Support.
Siteimprove is available as an application on Enonic Market, which means that you can install it on your Enonic site with the touch of a button in Enonic XP. Note that the application requires a subscription with Siteimprove to function properly, and which features you experience is dependent on which Siteimprove services you are subscribed to.
Siteimprove Wikipedia.
Siteimprove was founded in 2003, is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and actively operates in numerous countries including Austria, Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and USA. In 2017, Siteimprove reported a revenue of USD 42 million.
Siteimprove Information Information Technology Services.
Siteimprove Administrator Q and A Recording @ UH October 3, 2018 49m 21s. Siteimprove Help Center for introductory user training, login and go to Getting Started to sign-up for a live session. To set up your website for Siteimprove scanning and reporting, contact
Siteimprove Accessibility Checker Chrome Web Store.
About Siteimprove Siteimprove offers the world's' most comprehensive cloud-based Digital Presence Optimization DPO software. The Siteimprove Intelligence Platform provides eye-opening insights that empower you and your team to create higher quality content, drive better traffic, measure digital performance, and work towards regulatory complianceall from one place.

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