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I used to stand before it for hours, studying the technique. With me it is the technique that is to seek; with you the ideas! And the colour of the hair, and the technique, the flow of the whole composition.
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Technology, the study of or a collection of techniques. Skill, the ability to perform a task. Scientific technique, any systematic method to obtain information of a scientific nature. Art techniques and materials. Technique may also refer to.: The Techniques, a Jamaican rocksteady vocal group of the 1960s. Real Techniques Alles van Real Techniques.
Typisch Real Techniques zijn de kleurcodes: oranje kwasten voor de basis, roze voor de finish en paarse voor de ogen. Real Techniques kwasten zijn multifunctioneel, vegan en heel betaalbaar. Real techniques kwasten. Real techniques kwasten sets. Real techniques foundation kwasten.
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the manner and ability with which an artist, writer, dancer, athlete, or the like employs the technical skills of a particular art or field of endeavor. the body of specialized procedures and methods used in any specific field, especially in an area of applied science.
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This might not be too bad if each surgeon carried out both techniques because there would be some sort of balance. However photographic techniques have been used to investigate the separate stages. There are several psychological techniques to help people cope with dementia.
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2020 Plus, these kinds of robo-organisms could possibly be the key to drug delivery in the body or greener environmental cleanup techniques. Courtney Linder, Popular Mechanics, These" Are the First Living Robots: Machines Made from Frog Stem Cells, 14 Jan.
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There has been research on teaching techniques for young learners, but what task types are appropriate and efficient for testing children is an under-researched area. From Cambridge English Corpus. Affective reactions of foreign language students to natural approach activities and teaching techniques.

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